Master Song

Co-Founder of RRicecream

Master Song, co-founder and owner of Master Song’s Martial Arts School in Danbury CT and head of the physical training department of RRicecream, is a 7th degree black belt in TaeKwonDo, holds a degree in philosophy and theology from Chin-Shin University in Seoul, South Korea, and has devoted his life to the spiritual/moral and physical education of the thousands of students he has taught in the past 26 years.
Born in Seoul, South Korea in the early 1970s, Master Song moved with his family to the United States in the mid-1980s.  After graduating from high school here in Danbury, where he trained and taught TaeKwonDo under his uncle, Grand Master Song, he returned to Korea to study philosophy and theology.  Having earned his degree, he returned again to the U.S. to study at Princeton University where he found his calling, not as a minister as he had originally intended, but as a student and teacher of TaeKwonDo, preferring to instruct his students in physical health and well-being directly while instructing them in moral and spiritual well-being indirectly through example. 
Master Song’s Martial Arts School opened in 2002, with Master Song in charge of instruction and his sister, Mrs. Jinah DeLucia as the business head.  His patience, integrity, high standards and kindness were instrumental in increasing enrolment in his school from just 3 students when the school opened in 2002 to the various students today!  His reputation as an excellent instructor continues to draw students from all over Western Connecticut and Eastern New York.
Master Song teaches 15 hours of regular TKD classes per week, 4 hours of sparring, 4 hours of cardio-kickboxing, 2 hours of acrobatics, 2 hours of extreme black belt classes in addition to weapons classes and board breaking classes.  No class is too big or too small.  In the beginning, he would teach class after class of only one or two students.  Today he teaches classes with upwards of 45 students in the very popular Friday afternoon/evening acrobatics and sparring classes.  Every class is expertly tailored to the needs and abilities of the students attending.
In addition to training his students, Master Song maintains an excellent physique, like that of an extreme body-builder, but one who is agile, flexible, light on his feet, with lightning-quick reflexes.  For both of these reasons (teaching and training), Master Song is also a student of proper nutrition and good health.  He needs to maintain energy levels and muscle mass to function well at his job.  Master Song has found that the nutritive side of the RRicecream program works better for him than any previous diet, supplement or energy drink. And Master Song’s exercise program, developed especially for RRicecream participants will help others achieve the optimal weight, health, and well-being that he enjoys.    
"The Greatest Wealth is Health!"