How Do I Get Started Program ?

Step 1: Set up Complimentary One on One Consultation

  • Find out all about RRicecream like what types of programs we offer and how RRicecream can be beneficial to you and your life

Step 2A : Tryout the RRicecream program for a week


Step 2B : Private One on One Food Tasting and Cooking Demonstration and tryout RRicecream program for a week

  • Customized one on one private RRicecream cooking demonstration and food tasting. During this tasting, we will customize, service and present you with 6 different RRicecream menu items and beverages.* 
  • This is a wonderful experience to have. You get to see how RRicecream food is prepared from scratch and you get the chance to compare RRicecream organic food to store-bought organic foods.
  • The food tasting will last about two hours and the cost is $150.00
  • (*If you decide to sign up for the RRicecream program this fee will be credited back to your membership).

Step 3: Choose your RRicecream Membership

  • VIP Silver
  • VIP Gold
  • VIP Diamond
  • RR Health
  • RR Member 
  • RP Program
  • DIY Program 
** Cost of the program depends on the customer's needs. RR membership program starting from $99 for year.

​​    Please set up your first complimentary appointment with our team for more information about RRicecream. We will be happy to answer any of your questions when you ​​​​contact us below.    ​​