Jinah DeLucia

Founder of RRicecream

Mrs. Jinah DeLucia, founder of RRicecream total wellness program and owner of Master Song’s Martial Arts Studio in Danbury, Connecticut is a successful financial professional and an entrepreneur with a reputation in her community for good citizenship and business acumen.

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Mrs. DeLucia moved to the United States at the age of 18. After graduating from high school here, she earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business from Ching- Shin University in Seoul. From there, she moved back to the states to study Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in NYC. She lived in New York City for sixteen years, practicing and honing her marketing and sales skills, gaining the recognition of other fashion industry leaders and colleagues. Her excellent reputation facilitated strong working relationships with many famous fashion designers in Asia, the United States, and Europe.

As she continued her career in the fashion industry, she noticed some of the young models struggling with eating disorders. These young girls, who work in the fast-paced, stressful environment of the high fashion miss out on the social life most teens enjoy. In addition, they deny themselves food to keep their weight down as low as possible, not only compromising their own health, but providing an unrealistic view of “normal” to their peers and younger girls. In 2002, Mrs. Jinah left the NYC fashion industry, saddened by the struggles she’d seen the young models have with their body image.

In 2002, Mrs. DeLucia and her brother opened Master Song’s Martial Arts School, starting with an 800-square foot facility and only 3 students. Through strategic business maneuvers, Mrs. DeLucia increased the school’s studio to a 6,000-square foot facility, with students pouring in from all over Western Connecticut and Eastern New York State. Master Song’s Martial Arts School has been deemed the top Martial Arts School in Connecticut. As a result, the school’s DEMO team has been called upon to perform at various major events, including UCONN basketball games, Harlem Globetrotters shows, the Sound Tigers Hockey games, State Nutmeg Games, Whalers Hockey games, Channel 17, annual Relay for Life events, WMBA Mohegan Sun and Madison Square Garden.

In her capacity as CEO of MSMAS, Mrs. DeLucia was dismayed to observe problems among the mothers and older female students similar to the ones she had seen in the fashion industry. Here in Connecticut, she noticed that many people are struggling to keep their weight down, including herself!

While all this was going on, in 2015 Mrs. DeLucia was diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2016, her mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer. It is an unfortunate fact that relatives on both sides of her family have struggled or are struggling with cancer. Trying to make sense of it all, since both sides of her family live healthy lifestyles, exercise regularly, avoid alcohol and tobacco, eat nutritious food, she finally realized it’s in her family’s genes. This was the motivating force behind Mrs. DeLucia’s drive to research and study food and nutrition, in order to protect her family from the ravaging effects of cancer treatments through even healthier
food choices. Her grandmother, a farmer living in South Korea, gave her family food recipes, many of which were developed by her grandfather (who, before he passed away from stomach cancer, spent the last three years of his life on the farm, studying nutrition and creating natural organic recipes that would help other people have a better 
chance against cancer that he ultimately had).

Mrs. DeLucia’s RRicecream total wellness program is backed by her 25+ years of experience in all areas of finance and marketing. Mrs. DeLucia brings her ability to initiate, innovate and motivate, her resourcefulness and creativity and her passion for good health for herself and others to the program. She feels that this program successfully showcases all her strengths and talents and she looks forward to sharing her expertise with the public.

Mrs. DeLucia also serves as an ambassador and agent both to families trying to help their children study abroad and to families trying to integrate successfully into the mainstream US school system. 

Jinah lives with her husband, John DeLucia, CEO of North Real Estate Development Company, and their two adorable puppies, Egiyo and Panda in Danbury, CT.
"Stay Happy and Healthy!"